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$1,000.00 A DAY POSSIBLE

Imagine making $400.00 - $1,000.00 per day just for mailing letters. This has nothing to do with the mail order business, placing ads, stuffing envelopes, selling products or telephone soliciting. Payment for each piece of mail is guaranteed and best of all in a very important way the United States Postal Service is your conduit to these fabulous earnings.

That's right The United States Postal Service will actually help you which will enable you to get paid for each and every piece of mail. You owe it to yourself to read this message thoroughly if you want to make big money mailing letters. As you are reading this, a business firm in Chicago is quietly making $15,000 to $20,000 a day for mailing letters, saying that you can make $400.00 to $1,000.00 daily is being rather modest. Imagine what you can do with $100,000, $200,000, or $300,000 per year. If you learn what a few smart folks already figured out, you can pull in this kind of money just by mailing letters.

If you think this is some kind of mail order deal, chain letter scheme, mailing list, brokerage, ad placing service, sales deal, co-op ad mailing program or envelope stuffing. YOU ARE DEAD WRONG! You will place no ads--AND YOU WILL PAY NO POSTAGE!! You will just mail letters. Period. Also you will be performing no letter shop-no folding-no stapling-no stuffing-no licking-no addressing-no assembly of any mailers any time whatsoever and you don't even have to apply postage!

This is something that virtually anyone can do. ANYONE!! It takes no special schooling or degrees. Age, sex, or employment history is no factor. You can learn how to get paid for mailing letters in less than one hour. You will then be on the fast track to making money by mailing letters right away. This amazing opportunity for putting cash in your pocket by mailing letters simply cannot be ignored!

Since this is NOT a mail order deal based on product sales of any kind, you will be paid for each and every letter that you mail! You mail 100 letters; you get paid for 100 letters. You mail 1,000 letters; you get paid for 1,000 letters. You mail 100,000 letters; you get paid for 100,000 letters. There is virtually no limit to how many letters you can mail. And best of all, you get paid for each and every one of them. Right now in the Chicago area one mailer is mailing 35 million pieces per month and getting paid for each and every piece. Their income is obviously staggering. Of course, you don't have to mail letters to such an enormous magnitude. You can remain small and make millions.

We have created a manual called: "GET PAID MAILING LETTERS" which will tell you everything you need to know and there will be nothing else you have to buy from us again to start making big bucks by mailing letter. "GET PAID MAILING LETTERS" promises that you can get rich by mailing letters for pay. All we are asking is that you spend only $35.00 for the opportunity of a lifetime, for roughly the cost of a decent dinner for two. That's all! This is not a pie-in-the-sky deal--it legitimately works and is being done now!

Thanks for your manual "GET PAID MAILING LETTERS". It has truly changed my life. I was a real skeptic until I put your easy to read and easy to understand instructions to use and actually start mailing letters and getting paid for it. In fact, I made over $40,000 last month mailing letters for pay as per your instructions and I am not going to stop until I make a million! This is better than hitting the lottery. Thanks a million, Mark Harris, Chicago, IL.

After spending a small fortune on worthless Get Rich quick schemes, books and programs while trying to supplement my income I'm glad to see this programs really works. Your manual "GET PAID MAILING LETTERS" is a must for anyone who wants to work at home, Ms. J.R., Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

More people ask us about envelope stuffing than any other type of work. After much research we have put together a comprehensive report about; how these stuffed envelopes actually do work. Which ones are legal and which ones are only illegal pyramid schemes. The pay you receive, who pays it and is it really worth joining these programs. Some companies offer payment form sixty cents up to four dollars each just for stuffing envelopes. Get the real facts now! This report is included absolutely free with our manual "GET PAID MAILING LETTERS". Order your copy today!

If after two years of possessing "GET PAID FOR MAILING LETTERS" and implementing the process of getting paid for mailing letters you don't earn at least $100,000 you may at that time return our manual "GETTING PAID FOR MAILING LETTERS" for DOUBLE your money back for the purchase price of our manual.

Now "GET PAID FOR MAILING LETTERS" will show you step-by-step how you can get paid for mailing letters without paying postage, placing ads, buying circulars or name lists. You will do no "Letter Shop" work-you will sell no products by mail or carry any stock. You will mail letters for pay. Right Now! Today! Individuals and U.S. Firms using the methods described in “GET PAID MAILING LETTERS” are making millions of dollars. Prove it to yourself by ordering "GET PAID MAILING LETTERS" today!